ROSSO Conserve di Sicilia

Rosso (which means red) is the surname of Mr Giuseppe which beginned a family tradition only with its Sicilian tomatoes and other few veggies to celebrate the exclusive taste of this red fruit. Absence of any chemicals and gluten in their products is more than guarnteed. Every single person who tried sicilian tomatoes stated the same: it tastes better than the rest of the world!

TERRE DI ZISOLA Social Group Si può Fare

YOU CAN DO IT" is a Social Cooperative that believes in care and job placement, trying to build bridges between these two apparently distant dimensions, but united by ensuring a dignified level of quality of life. Futhermore, it promotes a sustainable agricolture model, every single product is biological and certifyed. The result of their work brings positive changes for people with social issues and conscious customers who can not have their own garden but do not give up on healthy diet.

GENESIS Passion for good food

Founded in the eighties in Avola, Vincenzo's factory occupies an area of about 1500 mq, in the heart of the land on which some of the ingredients used are grown. Vincenzo Genesio runs his family business with his wife, his son and other family members. Thanks to the use of “soft technology” and the absence of any chemicals and gluten in their products we can taste real flavors and have high quality products.

SCIARA Land of pistachio

Colors and unique flavours characterize all products that come from the varied Sicilian soil, of which the pistachio is the main product. These are the aspects that Sciara intends to preserve and offer its consumers. Pistachio, dried fruit and semifinished products, along with delicious handmade creations, such as spreads, pestos, sweets and nougats: their products are ideal for use in pastry and catering and great to give space to imagination and goodies in every kitchen. All Sciara products derived from artisanal processing , inspired by the precious heritage of traditional recipes and perfected by the use of modern technologies of processing and storage, «with one foot in the past and look straight ahead and open in future».

LOMAN Sicilian almonds

Mr Loreto together with his daughters, Stefania and Valentina, runs a company that produces more than 13 qualities of almonds and it is provided with a 1000 m2 factory equipped with a new almond shelling and calibration system. Moreover, Loman is a promoting partner of the Consortium for the enhancement of the Avola almond, whose objective is the protection and improvement of the production and distribution chain of the Avola almond.

LA CASA DI SOPHIA Wine made with heart

"We aspire to obtain a variety of flavors from our grapes and to refine our wines with natural maturation & preservation. Our existing loggia in conjunction with our new enolab will give birth to a new wine cellar. Our wines are made with heart respecting nature" Luisa Camoglio, wine producer has a clear idea of her mission. Made from Carignano grapes, the taste of La Casa di Sophia & Mangiabarche wines blends together the flavor of the grapes, the expert hands of those that take care of them, the land, and the saline air.

FARRUGGIA Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Farruggia family business has about 3,500 plants and annually produces an average of 15,000 liters of extra virgin olive oil, the average age of employees is 35 years. Taking care of land takes place in a natural way without any type of chemical treatment and in full respect of environment and territory. In an optimal pedo-climatic condition, mainly olive trees “Biancolilla”, “Nocellara del Belice”, “Cerasuola” and “Coratina” are cultivated. From Nocellara del Belice 80% and Biancolilla 20% a sublime oil is blended, whose organoleptic characteristics are such as to deserve the recognition of a precious oil. Of course it is organic certified

BAKERY CARBE' The most important raw material is tradition 

For Mastro Carbè, bread is, and always will remain, the main protagonist among the many artisan delicacies produced in his oven. Obtained strictly with ingredients from the short chain: flour of ancient grains, durum wheat semolina, whole wheat and 5 cereals, pure water from the Belvedere source and natural mother yeast. Precious raw materials, carefully worked by the skilled hands of master bakers, who every night, with passion and sacrifice, perpetuate the ancient art of baking with respect and dedication.


Vigna del Principe is an historic flat land located close to the city of Red Oranges, Francofonte, home of the king of all citrus fruits, the Red Tarot. Here at Vigna del Principe our gardens are cultivated with love and dedication, each fruit represents for us a precious gift of nature. Organic certified since 2015

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